Dolcenera e Greenpeace insieme per difendere il mare dalla plastica

Dolcenera and Greenpeace together to protect the sea from plastic

Loving the sea. An increasingly widespread and shared message, for a great love to be protected. A great love that has been polluted and neglected for too long, almost abandoned to itself and filled with waste. First of all the plastic ones, the most difficult to destroy and dispose of, even after many years. An enormous damage which, with a chain reaction, damages every marine and terrestrial animal species. Including man. To the point of touching every aspect of this planet. Thus, this message of protection towards the waters also passes through the songs. “ Amaremare” is the title of Dolcenera 's new song for summer 2019. An artistic project in collaboration with GreenPeace, as well as a strong hymn to life, freedom, the cleanest blue and raising awareness for everyone. 

Dolcenera has thus become a testimonial for the GreenPeace "Plastic Radar" 2019 project , whose objective is to collect photographic reports via WhatsApp and invite participants to safeguard. 

We start by reporting the presence of plastic waste in the sea and immediately afterwards we act with collection and differentiation. Learning to differentiate correctly is another of the many objectives to be achieved. 

A common and shared goal that the singer wanted to highlight through words and images. 

If it is true that repetita iuvant then it is good and right to continue talking about this topic which is so delicate and more current than ever. Even better if it's not just articles and great scientists who do it but also popular singers and artists. Common and varied people. 

One step at a time, all together, we will reach the desired goal. 


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