Estate 2019: la seconda più calda di sempre.

Summer 2019: the second hottest ever.

For Coldiretti, the main organization of agricultural entrepreneurs at national and European level, summer 2019 stands as the second hottest ever

It was Coldiretti, in particular, who reported this situation of an above-normal hot summer. For those who do not give too much weight to the topic, the seriousness of the situation should be pointed out, since the repercussions on our planet are truly multiple, chain-linked and irreversible.

Often baptized as the "summer of fire", the summer of 2019 seems to have reached an average temperature recorded in the first half of the year on the surface of the land and waters that was 0.95 degrees higher than the norm of the twentieth century. In Europe, however, the overall temperature rose by 2.93 degrees. 

This climatic situation, as Coldiretti claimed, following its studies based on data provided by the National Climatic Data Center (Noaa), is the natural and direct continuation of a June as hot as never before.

What does all this mean? A slow but effective change of the planet, especially with regards to habits, traditions and crops. Suffice it to say that in Italy, more and more tropical plants and exotic fruits are now grown. The islands are among the top national producers, yet no one would have ever thought of a similar future for our Peninsula.

Furthermore, many crops anticipate their ripening times, just as various seasonings and preparations are ready earlier than expected. 

In conclusion, these data represent a clear and evident phase of global warming, a chaos in times and production, an important repercussion on national production. 

For those who are not yet clear, all these small changes have an enormous impact on the environment and immediately after on the national economy which relies on agriculture for most of its income.

The costs of losses incurred by agriculture have already been very high but it is itself that fights this war for protection on a daily basis.

Who will prevail? Certainly, many steps forward have been made and raising everyone's awareness is now the basis of every single thought. 

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