La grande e innovativa idea dei "Saturdays for Future"

The great and innovative idea of ​​"Saturdays for Future"

Fight against climate change? Italy is mobilizing and committed to supporting this increasingly hot topic in recent days. Various and numerous awareness initiatives have already been implemented, with the aim of improving everyone's habits and trying, as far as is now possible, to remedy the damage done over the years.

In particular, there have been movements regarding banal food shopping, since it was also important for this to review habits. Thus, we would like to transform Saturday, the day par excellence dedicated to food shopping, into the one most attentive to raising awareness and commitment to responsible production and consumption. Everything is obviously intended for sustainable development.

The initiative invites everyone to change their spending habits, first and foremost to consume carefully and consciously, avoiding unnecessary waste and, consequently, reducing waste production. As is normal, every principle provides an end, every act a consequence and it is for this reason that we need to review the problem from the root. This change in habits would lead to a radical change, positively impacting production models and companies, making them more attentive and responsible. Responsible not only for what is directly their responsibility, but for everything around them, such as employees and society.

The Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development (ASviS) has also launched the SaturdaysforFuture website, here it is possible to find out about the initiative, propose wide-ranging national events and prepare for mobilisation.

The great and innovative idea of ​​"Saturdays for Future" was launched last June 5 by Enrico Giovannini and Leonardo Becchetti.

The question, posed primarily to themselves, is simple: "what if Saturday, the day on which the majority of the population usually does their weekly shopping, were transformed into the day for environmental and social sustainability for everyone?" Hence the countless responses of support, both from individuals and, in particular, from the Prime Minister who even recalled the government's sensitivity on these issues.

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