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We have always been committed to creating innovative solutions that help our customers protect the quality and safety of the food served every day.

What you will find inside:

Generic disposable

  • Plates and trays
  • Catering solutions and finger food line
  • Cutlery
  • Takeaway containers
  • Water in Brick
  • Bags and shoppers
  • Transparent and cardboard cups
  • Ice cream and pastry line
  • Service items

Table decor

  • Table accessories
  • Cellulose tablecloth
  • Airlaid table linen
  • Bamboo tablecloth

Sealable solutions

  • Heat sealing machines
  • Containers
  • Bags for cooking and storage

Generic Catalogue

This catalog presents a wide assortment of packaging designed to guarantee a unique experience for the final consumer, from tasting to takeaway.


Personalized catalogue

Find out how to create your brand identity, give value to the history of your brand and stand out from your competitors. In this catalog you will find solutions, ideas and different applications to engage your customers and offer a 360° branded experience.