Water in brick


The main quality of brick water is the multilayer structure, which preserves the organoleptic properties of the water by protecting it from light and heat, for fresher water for a long time. The brick has a plant-based cap, composed of polymers derived from sugar cane. We choose the vegetable polyethylene cap because it has the same chemical-physical characteristics and equal performance as polyethylene from fossil sources (petroleum), it is a raw material coming from sources that grow endlessly, therefore it has less impact on the environment.

Light water in environmentally friendly packaging

From its underground origin to the container, the water passes through a modern three-phase filtering system: osmotic pressure filtration, remineralization and microfiltration. The brick contains 500 ml of water, coming from a Tuscan source, certified for pediatric use with a shelf-life of 24 months from bottling.


brick measurements: 170x71x65 mm

unit weight: 0.53 kg

units per box: 24 bricks

box measurements: L 38.2 - D 27.9 - H 17 cm

pallet: 56 boxes/ 1344 bricks

pallet measurements: L 120 x D 80 x H 135 cm

pallet weight: 753 kg

The process:

01 - Production

Minimum order: 21,000 pieces

02 - Free storage

The quantity can be divided into multiple deliveries within 12 months, with free storage in our warehouses.

03 - Distribution

Minimum delivery: 1 pallet (1,344 pieces)

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