poke bowl mania insalatiere in bioplastica


Officially Poke mania. And the trend, in reality, has already been going on for a few years.

If everything is fashion, this also applies to food. The Poke Bowl, native to the warm Hawaii, has been popular in Italy for some time and if previously the phenomenon only spread to the main cities, today it has spread all the way down to the South.

What does a Poke Bowl consist of? In a bowl full of all the foods useful for your daily needs, especially during lunch. The base is usually made up of rice (white or black) to which fish, edamame, avocado, seaweed, various seeds, soy sauce and so on are added.

Fish is mostly found raw and in cubes, so much so that the term itself, to be pronounced as "poc-hay", actually means "cubes" .

But in all this, what is the most relevant fact? Poke Bowls once again emerge among the most consumed foods in Italy, especially if we talk about online orders with home deliveries. Nothing could be quicker, lighter and more practical. Perfect for the lunch break in the office, as well as a more comfortable but still quick one at home, perhaps between one job and another, between a book and a new exam to study. In short, the Poke Bowl is the latest Italian food craze.

Another point in his favor? It includes all the necessary foods without exaggerating with fats. In particular, if we are talking about a country like Italy where there is always greater attention to health and well-being, but often little time for cooking, bowls win once again.

What can I say, we like them. And if consumed in biodegradable and compostable containers then that's it!

Discover our biodegradable and compostable salad bowls in full respect of nature.

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