Il Biodegradabile per le attività

Biodegradable for activities

More and more businesses are choosing biodegradable and compostable 

Single-use plastics? Yes, but biodegradable and environmentally friendly

This seems to be officially the summer during which the majority of venues, be they beaches, takeaways, street food and so on, choose to use biodegradable and compostable packaging. Is the world finally becoming aware? It is the most arduous challenge of all, but also the greatest hope. 

Why are more and more businesses choosing biodegradable?

Inside the home, giving up disposable plastic is certainly easier. For fast food, take away and the like, however, disposable seems to be indispensable. Fortunately, as mentioned before, something seems to be changing. 

In fact, more and more locals are choosing to replace old plastic with biodegradable products. Glasses, straws, tablecloths and napkins, plates, glasses, containers and so on and so forth. 

This is mainly due to the new challenge of packaging companies to produce and launch on the market items that retain the convenience and practicality of disposable items, while keeping an eye on the environment. Costs? They are indeed higher but if it is for a just cause, for us and the world we live in, why not invest? The question, obviously, is rhetorical, so much so that most entrepreneurs have already implemented the answer. 

Recently, the European Union officially approved the law which from 2021 will ban the production of single-use plastic. For everyone. Everywhere. 

Something is therefore moving, why wait any longer? Let's not be caught unprepared and the right time to start is always now!

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