Green fashion

it takes 2720 liters of water to make one t-shirt

In the era of sustainable mobility, sustainable agriculture and sustainable products of all kinds, even sportswear becomes sustainable, aware and respectful of the environment.

There are many brands today, in the world, that produce sportswear in an ethical way. The topic is still hot and too young, therefore little known. How are these garments made? Where can they be purchased? But do they really exist?

The answer to all this is yes, there are and now we will find out better what it is.

What does it take to bring these latest generation garments to life? Usually recycled plastic bottles, fishing nets abandoned in the sea and subsequently transformed or even fruit peels are used.

It is clear, therefore, that for athletes who want to take care of the surrounding environment in addition to their body, there are alternatives and they are numerous. Finally, then, this trend can also be talked about in Italy and whoever did it deserves to be thanked, esteemed and respected. 

Certainly the production costs, and consequently sales, are a little higher, since since it is a topic that is still too young not everyone is equipped and even the new machinery is equally expensive. The good news, however, is that despite everything there are those who believe in it, those who produce and those who buy. 

Among the sustainable sports brands on the market we mention:


The sustainable sports brand, with German roots, which creates clothing from old fishing nets and other waste recovered directly from the oceans.


The American brand that makes leggings and tops with recycled plastic after recovering it from the sea.


The fast fashion brand par excellence has launched its own sports collection made from recycled materials. The sustainable sportswear line by H&M is mainly made of recycled polyester and elastane. 


One of the best-known brands in the field of sustainable clothing is undoubtedly this one which creates all kinds of sports clothing, but also casual and suitable for every day. 

Another particular characteristic is that it creates garments for men, women and children. For every gender and age. 


Brand of Australian origin among the largest producers of vegan yoga clothing. The best known feature is the use of only natural dyes. Among the best on sale. 

These are just some of the many sustainable sportswear brands now on the market. The further we go, the more the awareness of producers and consumers increases, becoming more involved in a world that is progressing and looking towards a green future. Everything that yesterday's man did and undid, today's man is trying to recover. A regenerated human being, aware and activist in the defense of seas, forests, mountains and hills. A man ready to put respect and conservation for himself and the world around him at the forefront, in order to rewrite a new piece of history. 

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