Il Green New Deal, la grande rivoluzione verde.

The Green New Deal, the great green revolution.

The whole world is now moving to put the Green New Deal, the great green revolution, into practice. Italy is among the first to support the program by fully believing in it.

The road towards this new green lifestyle will be a long and tortuous but not impossible road, especially if supported by politics, the economy, companies, private individuals and citizens all in their own small way. But which sectors and which companies are the most committed to this common cause today?

There are different realities and sectors, many of which are even unthinkable. We move from classic recycled paper to textiles, from food to air conditioning technologies, up to those sectors involved in construction that would never have been thought of.

Among the excellences, paper and clothes obtained from recycled fiber certainly stand out (now also shown on the catwalk during the most important fashion week). In recent years it even seems that the production of these two components takes place much more from recycled materials than from raw materials.

Other sectors, however, appear to be experiencing strong growth with rapid acceleration towards the peak of perfection. Among these, cosmetics emerge, increasingly at the forefront for respect for the environment and for the man who chooses to test it on his own skin; furniture and building materials in general. It seems that the latter are increasingly recycled and reproduced by them. In this field a lot can be reused, think of marble, concrete, glass, terracotta, wood and so on.

Furthermore, our nation is also among the first for the production and export of hybrid air conditioning systems that combine low consumption condensing boilers, solar panels and heat pumps. Our nation also has over 345 thousand companies that have invested in green products and technologies since 2014, but there is still a long way to go for an Italy that wants to position itself at the top.

It was the President of the Council of Ministers of the Italian Republic, Giuseppe Conte, who underlined how much the nation is interested and on the front line in this battle against climate change. Now it's just a matter of putting into practice what has been said so far and doing it in the most concrete, rapid and conscientious way possible.

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