There are more and more businesses that want to reduce their environmental impact by opening the doors to eco-sustainable solutions. We at FoodpackGreen will help you find the perfect alternative to your tableware for a fast, practical and eco-friendly service with compostable and recyclable products

The most requested


Table linen



Sustainable packaging

Recyclable or compostable packaging, in addition to having less impact on the environment, helps to improve the company's image, facilitate disposal and reduce long-term costs.

Take away

From a simple tool suitable for the safe transport of goods and products, to a real business card for companies that want to increase their visibility. Packaging for the take-away service has become a real communication and promotional tool with very high potential.

The most requested


Wrap case

Fried glass

Bagel holder



Sandwich case

Sandwich holder

Mise en place

Create, personalize and enrich your table with unique accessories. Offer an all-round personalized experience to involve the end customer from the first to the last taste.

The most requested


Wrapped sets



Table accessories

Offer a service that pays attention to detail, make a difference and stand out from your competitors.

The most requested

Refreshing wipes

Disposable bib


Vacuum packed

Foodpackgreen solutions also reach the kitchen. Would you like to marinate the cerne for a succulent stew? Are you a barman and want to amaze your customers with sought-after cocktails? With the evolution of sous vide cooking you will be able to create a practical and efficient environment inside the kitchen. Contact us or request a consultation to discover our minipack®-torre MX and MVS

Kitchen with vacuum

Here are some tools

Smooth pouches for cooking 90 my (OPA+PP)

They guarantee not only excellent vacuum preservation, but also optimal pasteurization processes and food sterilization.

Smooth envelopes for conservation 90 my

Smooth bags are ideal for vacuum-packing solid, liquid and delicate products. Ensuring a barrier with greater resistance.

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