Green experience in Hotel

For a responsible, conscious and detailed stay.

Sustainable hotel, how?

A hotel can safeguard its guests by using disposable and sustainable products through different strategies and initiatives. Foodpackgreen offers you solutions for the perfect combination of elegance and sustainability. Here are some ideas:
  • Choose crockery made of biodegradable materials and disposable table linens, to reduce the cost and waste of water during the laundry service.
  • Safeguarding the guest's hygiene with sealed and disposable products such as individually wrapped glasses and bamboo towels.

Brand Reputation

Having a strong brand reputation is very important for a hospitality facility, because it helps create a personal and emotional connection between customers and the company. Foodpackgreen offers a team of experts in the sector who will be able to guide you during the customization process best suited to your needs, while creating ecological solutions by applying eco-sustainable materials.

Table linen

The mise en place is the business card in the hotel catering sector. Disposable compostable table linens represent a green choice as they: reduce costs associated with laundry, amortize storage in the warehouse, disposal takes place in the waste section dedicated to organic waste, reducing polluting factors, guarantees greater safety and hygiene. It also embraces different types of materials, sizes and patterns capable of satisfying the styles and needs of all catering facilities.

Most requested:

24x24 napkin in Airlaid

Bamboo napkin 40x40

Bamboo circular charger

Circular Bamboo coaster

Restaurant and take away

Travelers' tastes have evolved and there is a greater awareness of what they eat and how they eat it. more and more establishments have decided to focus on the quality of their offering, offering high-level local cuisine, attentive to the territory, the seasonality of the product and eco-sustainability. On the other hand, there are many guests who decide to eat breakfast or lunch not on site, but during an excursion. For this reason Foodpackgreen offers solutions such as breakfast boxes.

Most requested:

Premium dishes

Tab tray with windowed lid

Happy meal pencil case


Spa and room service

Presentation is a crucial element for room service and the hotel's relaxation areas. Everything must be studied down to the smallest detail to underline the quality of the hotel without ever deviating too much from the style and sensations it evokes. For Foodpackgreen, the best solution for those who want to offer a personalized and green experience is that of a line designed specifically for hotels which includes products such as: water in Tetrapak, glass covers, coasters and individually wrapped glasses.

Most requested:

Paper coasters

Paper cup cover

Wrapped glass

Water in Tetrapak

Hotel accessories

By Luxury accessories we mean those products created specifically to offer the guest an experience to remember. These accessories have the ability to influence the brand reputation of the hospitality facility. The value of a brand, in this case of hospitality, translates into the quality of its proposal but also the continuous attention to detail. Our range includes refreshing wipes with different scents, bibs and customizable towels.

Most requested:

Refreshing wipes

Bio Bamboo towel

Airlaid bib

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